Three Monsters

Photos are printed on an
Epson 2200 printer using
archival inks.

6 x 8              15           20       
8 x 10             20          30
10 x 12           30           40
11 x 14           45           60
Highway 12
Awapa Plateau
Moody Canyon Road
Bull Valley Gorge
Boynton Overlook
Escalante Gorge
Circle Cliffs
Candy Cane Canyon
Artist's Statement

I like to scrounging through scrap yards and sneak
across railroad sidings to find the subjects of these
photos.  I look for rust and bright colors, derelict
machines which have decayed in an organic fashion.
 I'm drawn to symbols, specifically  large numbers,
and text; graffiti written over stenciled jargon or
vice-versa, and finally, symbolic barriers; lines,
walls, solid partitions, edges bleeding into each
other, stratifications and horizontal delineations.

There's a transcendent element to bone yards,
where rotted hydraulic lines dangle over the ground
and the arms of earth-movers hang where their
joints have been frozen by rust, and there is
something impending about them as well. I've tried
to convey that feeling.  
Border Nine
Heart 66
White Nine
Yellow Band
The Cockscomb